Manus vs. Check A Trade – What makes Manus different

September 29, 2021

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Let’s get straight to the point.

Most of our tradespeople and customers are curious to know what they key differences are between us and similar tradespeople platforms such as Check A Trade, that’s why we wanted to put it to you simply. However, we always welcome further questions so please make sure you get in touch if you have in.

Check A Trade – The Basics for Tradespeople

How much do you pay for a Check A Trade Account?

Most people will pay £600 for an annual subscription, or a monthly subscription for £60 a month. Whilst this might look relatively more costly than Rated People, the value depends on how many jobs you take from advertising on the website. The more jobs you take on, the more of a saving you’ll make on Check A Trade.

Check A Trade more closely resembles a traditional directory where users can search for and contact Tradespeople directly. For this reason, potential customers of yours may contact during a time when you can’t take a job due to a busy workload.

Furthermore, people who hold more than one business in different specialities may be forced to pay separate subscriptions to be listed in the search results for different trades. This may mean paying £600 twice to be listed in both carpentry and electrician lists if you specialise in each of these trades.

Tradespeople need to do the legwork?

The majority of the legwork, online, will be ensuring that your profile is a shining example of professionalism and high reputation. The only way that a homeowner would be more willing to pick you for a quote over others in the same area is if your profile stands out from the competition.

Check A Trade has a mobile app catered towards the homeowner, with no offerings for the tradesman as of March 2017. That said, the website is mobile-responsive and does everything a tradesperson would need on their mobile phone.

Manus – The Basics for Tradespeople

How much do you pay for a Manus Account?

Signing up to Manus is completely free. The only time you pay is if you complete work, there is a 20% per hour fee sent to Manus for any work you book through the app.

Tradespeople are booked on a transparent fixed hourly rate, tracked using geolocation tools, and serviced 24/7.

Manus provides opportunities for tradespeople without the hassle of bidding for jobs or monthly subscriptions to buy jobs. Tradespeople are free to select when they want to be available on the app.

As easy as 1,2,3

Manus is here to Revolutionise, Innovate and Disrupt the DIY and repairs & maintenance market.

Say goodbye to driving miles between jobs, mornings or afternoons with no work, or gaps in your diary caused by cancellations.
Register with Manus, and you’ll have immediate work, within 5 miles of where you’re located, whenever you want it. There’s no bidding, direct callouts, and working for you 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Manus introduces consumers to a marketplace where skilled, vetted tradespeople are conveniently available, 365 days a year. All you have to do as a tradesperson is set up your account and mark yourself as available when you are ready to complete jobs. 

You can ask your customers to rate your service through the app to ensure that you are constantly keeping your profile up to date.

Booking your next job has never been easier, download the Manus Work app and start your Manus journey today!


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