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Tradespeople are in demand, get booked in!

January 05, 2022

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The pandemic saw many of us confined to our homes, and with large number of people on furlough or out of work, attention turned to hobbies and pastimes we could do indoors, including home renovations.

For many people, lockdown at home offered muchneeded time to focus on DIY. Everything from small paint jobs to larger projects like extensions – as a nation, we did it all. However, those less inclined to pick up a paintbrush had to wait until lockdown was over to get professionals to help with their plans

The Federation of Master Builders revealed that 55% of all respondents to their survey reported increased workloads in the first three months of 2021, particularly in maintenance and improvement disciplines. With over a third revealing that  they were having difficulty hiring bricklayers, carpenters or joiners.

Further research suggested that 8% of all vacancies in the UK as of September 2021 were in the construction and trade industry with a higher salary than the national average. After builders, electricians were the most sought-after tradespeople.

With most tradespeople continuing to play catch up post pandemic and filling their diaries up quickly with their regular customers, it is vital to remember that there is a whole new list of potential clients waiting for tradespeople to complete anything from large jobs to small touch ups in there home and now it the perfect time to get booked up and tap into that market.

At Manus Work we continue to bring a long list of jobs and clients to our tradespeople, so this indicates a potentially lucrative business opportunity for individuals with these skills.

Download the Manus Work app for Apple and Android today, and get yourself booked in!

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