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What to do if you accidentally drill through gas, water and wiring

October 14, 2021

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It will come as no surprise that many homeowners across the UK decided to have a go at getting through the list of DIY tasks at home during the pandemic.

Even though YouTube is a great teacher, sometimes trade work does go wrong. That’s why we have put together a list of the most common issues that occur when trades do go wrong and how to ensure that you do not cause any further damage.

Drilling through a water pipe

Now most people do not have the necessary tools to check what is behind a wall before you start drilling into it, however, we don’t necessarily want to call out a handman to hang a few pictures on the wall and if you have the tools to do it yourself it can save you some cash.

If you accidentally hit a water pipe whilst drilling into a wall we advise that you immediately turn off your water supply. Once you have done this the best option will always be to reach out to a plumber who can safely assess the damage and fix the hole in your pipe. Many people will often try to fix it themselves, however, to ensure that there is no risk of water damage in the future it is best to ask a qualified tradesperson to come and carry out the repair work.

Drilling through an electrical cable 

If you suspect that an electric cable has been hit, it is absolutely necessary to repair it. You should immediately ensure that the power is switched off before touching anything. In the worst case, if the protective earth conductor has been damaged you otherwise run the risk of a fatal electric shock.

Unfortunately there is no version of this problem that doesn’t involve getting a qualified electrician on site to take care of it. Getting an electrician out on the same day to assess the damage will definitely give you peace of mind and ensure that there are no further risks.

Drilling through a gas pipe

Drilling through a gas pipe can lead to a major fire or explosion which can cause death or serious injury.

We all like to try out our DIY skills from time to time however, drilling through a gas pipe is a prime example of why some tasks are best left to the proffessionals. If you have however done it it is imperative that you turn off all electric within your home, if you put a drill or a nail through the gas pipe, the best thing to do if you can help it is to leave it in there as it minimises the amount of gas leaking out of the pipe but at the same time it is very important to follow all gas safety procedures.

Be sure to contact an emergency gas advisor immediately for them to assess the damage and carry out repairs.

The common answer to all of the above situations is to ensure that you speak to a qualified tradesperson before trying to carry out any DIY jobs in the home. Asking tradespeople to at least check for wiring and pipes will give you the peace of mind you need.

Even better, ask the professionals to come out and help you. Manus has a range of handypeople who can help you on the same day with the simplest tasks.

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