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DIY tips for beginners

September 29, 2021

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While taking on some jobs yourself is going to save you money, others may end up in a DIY SOS and cost you much more in the long run, the team at Manus have pulled together some great tips on where to begin:

Decide whether this is a DIY task or if you should call a tradesperson

Have a firm idea in mind of why the job needs doing and what outcome you want. This should help assess whether you’re up to the task or if you need a specialist.

There are many plumbing and electrical jobs that you should never attempt yourself, both for safety reasons and to comply with the Building Regulations.

Safety is everything, always be safe!

Your personal safety is not an area to skimp when it comes to spending on your home. Always make sure that you have the correct equipment in order to do the job.

YouTube has some great help for beginners!

Watching DIY actually happening in a step-by-step way can foster the confidence you need to attempt the same job. Watch several videos of the same task to see different methods and hear the advice offered. 

How much time do you have? 

Rushing a task often means cutting corners, leading to a poorer end result. Sometimes, you might think you can live with that, but inexperienced DIYers can cause damage and shoddy finishes can affect your property’s resale value, so you might want to think twice. 

Get the right tools!

Homeowners and renovators should have a selection of DIY tools, and the basics are usually inexpensive to pick up. Most of the small power tools you’ll need have modest price tags – some between £50 and £100 – and will quickly reward your investment. 

Don’t forget about the things you cannot see!

Even if you’re tackling a simple DIY job, there’s the potential for disaster if you don’t consider what’s happening behind the walls. 

Always check for pipes and wires!

White is a good base coat for coloured walls!

Before painting walls your new favourite colour, make sure to paint it white first.

Prepare your walls and fill any holes, then sand when dry. At the same time, quickly go over the walls with fine sandpaper to improve adhesion for the primer. Wash down with sugar soap if needed. 

If you are not sure, find a tradesperson!

If the task at hand seems too complicated for you to carry out, it probably is best if you log onto your Manus app and find a reliable tradesperson to come and do it for you. No need to worry about them taking a while to get back to you, you can get a tradesperson to help you out on the day you need them with the app, just download it here.


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