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Construction specialist designs an app to help tradespeople find work

January 12, 2022

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Manus was thought up and has been developed by construction people. We know how sick customers get of Googling blindly. Reading fake testimonials. Waiting for tradespeople to come and look at their job and waiting again for quotes that never arrive. And we know how unprofitable it is for trades to spend all week driving miles between jobs, and how annoying it is to have earning-free days in their diary.
We’ve developed the Manus platform to enable us to breakdown the outmoded processes for property owners to get good tradespeople to deal with problems for them quickly, and for tradespeople to keep themselves working 24/7, 365 days of the year, should they wish.
We have twin apps (one for users and another for tradespeople), and a sophisticated geolocation system. This pinpoints locations for customers and tradespeople so we can match the two within a 5 mile radius. It then tracks the tradesperson’s location as they make their way to each job.
By making smart use of the kind of technology used by cab and food delivery firms Manus changes everything for the better.
What can Manus Work do for you?
1. Get notified on new jobs at a glance via a easy to use dashboard, allowing you to respond to job opportunities and book them in instantly
2. Get help from experienced tradespeople, Manus Work has been designed by tradespeople for tradespeople
3. Keep track of all your earnings through our handy tracking dashboard
4. Manage your profile and keep potential clients up to date with all your latest work
5. Build your reputation and promote your credentials by requesting customer reviews
Download it here:

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