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A third of UK homeowners would prefer to hire a female tradesperson

October 14, 2021

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According to research by the Federation of Master Builders, a third of UK homeowners would prefer to hire a female tradesperson.

The Federation of Master Builders said women particularly feel more positive about hiring a female tradesperson, including that they feel a female would be more respectful and trustworthy.

It shows there is a clear appetite for it, yet of those surveyed, 30 per cent fewer would encourage their daughter to pursue a career in construction than their sons.

British Gas is determined to have a diverse workforce and wants half of its next intake of 1,000 apprentices to be female.

“It’s predicted that the UK will need almost two million new engineering, science and technology professionals by 2022, and with women making up over half the population the statistics clearly show a massive gap in gender representation,” the company said.

With many roles to fill it is clear that we need to ensure that we are educating girls from a young age that they can pursue a trade career if they want to, however, Ervis Ibra, CEO of the new tradesperson app Manus said:

“We need to start by ensuring that girls feel included from an early age when it comes to the schools subjects which focus on shaping their future as tradespeople. Making GCSE level subjects more attractive to all children where they can learn the basic trades and get a better understanding of the the options available to them.”

“At Manus we are starting to see an increase in female tradespeople especially in the trades which require attention to detail. We contiue to work towards getting rid of the stigma attached to tradespeople and look forward to working within a sector that is constantly evolving.”

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